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Using online and offline marketing tactics to secure business

Business Advice | 10 October 2016 | 8 years ago

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Using offline marketing tactics alongside digital campaigns can bring further growth to your business
Writing for Business Advice, Kelly Edwards from marketing company?Marley Hayleylooks at how using offline marketing tactics to compliment your digital campaigns can bring a boost to your company’s growth.

Marketing is the lifeblood of a business it helps to draw in new business, assert your brand and can help to reach a wider audience. In the digital era where online marketing is still seen as the new kid on the block, offline marketing can seem neglected, but both play important roles in helping to grow your business.

On their own these marketing tactics can be good, but together you can really boost your marketing campaigns. Here are six ways you can secure business using online and offline marketing tactics.


In the world of online marketing, SEO search engine optimisation can be a game changer. If you’re ranked highly in search engines for your given search term then your website is more likely to be seen and more likely to gain business.

But getting to those sweet spots on the front page isnt an easy job. it’s about putting in hard work to tailor your website’s landing pages for a great customer experience. it’s also about making sure all of the SEO boxes are ticked in terms of meta data such as headings and descriptions.

The better your website is at helping customers to make a positive action, the better youll rank and the more business success youll have.


PPC is pay per click advertising a great way to boost traffic to your website based on keyword searches. You pay every time somebody clicks on your advert via a search engine.

it’s a great option for businesses that don’t rank on page onefor the terms that are important as you can choose how much budget to spend, on which keywords and even filter down to what time of day your adverts show.

This puts your advertising completely in your hands to tailor who sees your adverts and when.

As you pay per click, you only pay when somebody interacts with your advert, i.e. more likely to convert into a sale or at the very least are interested in your services.

Email marketing

Every year there are hundreds of articles published stating that email is dead. But in reality? It is still a really strong way of generating sales and remains one of the most important marketing tactics.

It is of course becoming harder to engage with people via email due to an ever-increasing inbox size, but the ball is firmly in your court to make sure they read your emails.

Remind recipients of your amazing range of products, why other people have worked with you and of your latest offers.

It is also cheaper to re-engage with a previous purchaser than it is to gain a new one so don’t neglect your current customer base!


Being face-to-face with your potential customers is a great experience. Not only because you can receive feedback but because they are ready to spend.

Unlike a high street, most people visiting an exhibition are looking for products and services. They want to be engaged and they are a captive audience. Nearly everybody in the room at an exhibition could be a potential customer if you align your customers against visitors to the right event.

Just make sure you keep an eye on your ROI by purchasing long lasting displays such as our exhibition stands. This will help to make sure you’re taking away more from the event than the effort you put in.


Whether it’s on a billboard or in a newspaper, traditional advertising in any form can help boost your business.

Even if you’re B2B, there are often publications that you could investigate that would be relevant to your audience.

As with allother marketing tactics, traditional advertising needs to be carefully thought out to identify where your customers would be and how to engage with them.

Keeping your advert simple yet eye-catching is the key to getting noticed whether in large-format or small-print.


Emails are easy to ignore. But a phone call? it’s hard to put the phone down. Make sure you follow up on your quotes by phoning to see if there’s anything else you can help with and if it was what your customer was expecting.

It takes a little more time but if your business can put in the extra effort rather than an email, theyll put a voice to the name and develop a stronger bond with you. It will also give you the competitive edge to answer any concerns they have that you could have otherwise passed off as a lost lead.

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