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Three top affiliate tracking software options for online business owners

Affiliate tracking is becoming an increasingly useful tool for WordPress users
Affiliate tracking software allows business owners to track the performance of clicks, views and impressions of advertising content online.

It is something new business owners are likely to consider once theyve set up an ecommerce platform that’s gaining traction and performing well. Here, software engineer Sohel Ather runs through his three best options for owners looking to include affiliate tracking software on their WordPress site.

Affiliate tracking software has been proving for quite some time that it is an efficient way to enhance awareness about a business’s products.

Affiliate programs let you instantly develop a sales army that can improve your business exposure and revenue. This is perhaps why big, global brands like Amazon, Flipkart and Shopclues have made it an essential part of their advertising and marketing strategy.

With the explosive growth of ecommerce platforms, invariably powered by WordPress, there are many users who juggle around, searching for the best the affiliate tracking software.

So, here are the best three affiliate tracking software products available for WordPress users out there.

(1) ShareASale

ShareASale is an exclusive retail industry-focused affiliate marketing network. It offers simple Affiliate tracking software, enabling users to tap into a larger customer base without having to bear any additional costs.

Having nearly 16 years of experience in the industry, the ShareASale platform has promoted over 8m affiliate relationships.

Business owners don’t have to worry about managing or updating the software, since it is hosted on the ShareASale server.

It saves valuable time by tracking and clearing payments to every client. They have an extensive network of affiliate marketers, and merchants can get easy access to unveil the big exposure.

There is no monthly recurring charge and only pay when your affiliates make a sale. Other features include real-time tracking, segmenting of best performing products and connecting various sites into one account.

(2) Affiliate Royale?

Affiliate Royale is a complete affiliate program that can drastically enhance web traffic and sales. Once you start the program, it will be easy for you to track all affiliates and their statuses to see how well they are doing. Right through from clicks, views, impressions, to sales.

With Affiliate Royale you can monitor and track all affiliates’ sales and payments, maintain branding with your own banners and links, boost sales, and drive more traffic to your business website with your affiliates’ help.


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