Business development 21 October 2016

Three tips for presenting your new product or service

Graphics and illustrations can be helpful when selling something complex
What do small business owners need to know when presenting their new product or service? Client service director at presentation consultants Buffalo 7, Lyndon Nicholson, gives readers some clever tricks and tips.

People’s attention-spans seem to be narrowing all thanks to the fast pace of our digital lifestyles. So when it comes to selling your product or service, particularly if it’s complex or technical, you need to work even harder to make an impact in a tight timescale. But with some consideration, you can use PowerPoint to sell even the most complex product.

Buffalo 7 worked with software startup GROW to transform its sales offer through a bespoke presentation, helping it to become the high-growth manufacturing business it is today.

Plan your story

A well told story not only sticks in your audience’s mind but is a great way to plan presenting your new product.

Think about the flow of your story before you commit any words to PowerPoint. Think about things like: why did your company start, your personal story, the people you’ve met along the way, what problem you’re solving, what impact you’ve had or could have on the industry.

Take your audience on a journey, immerse them in a story and build up to a key moment. End on a high something inspirational, memorable or a simple top takeaways? to keep your points firmly at the front of your audience’s mind.

Bring it to life?

Animation, custom graphics and illustrations are all essential elements when selling something complex. Not only do they bring technical information to life but they keep people engaged in the presentation.

GROW needed to explain its services in additive manufacturing (the industrial version of 3D printing) and so used a series of bespoke illustrated elements that were animated together to explain the more complex parts of the process.

To boost your visual content further, make sure you use high resolution and high quality pictures. There are plenty of online free services which have good images for you to use such as Kaboompics. Using the right mix of visuals really helps to bring presentations to life.

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