Business development · 22 September 2016

Three strikes and you’re out: The rise of discerning digital consumers

33 per cent of consumers claim that a negative online experience would harm their opinion of a brand.
Customer satisfaction and retention is increasingly dependent on positive user experience, according to the Demanding Digital study from Atos that analysed the online attitudes of 3, 150 consumers.

The report identified a three-strike rule? a majority of consumers give companies just a handful of chances to offer a positive digital experience before seeking an alternative, while 33 per cent said a bad experience would harm their opinion of a brand. Following a negative experience, 47 per cent expected a flawless? digital service on their next visit.

The study highlighted two factors that were most crucial in providing a user experience that would see a customer return. Some 81 per cent of respondents would use a site because of the simplicity of use, while 78 per cent would use a service because of site speed.

In a statement, Tom Swanson, chief digital officer at Atos UK and Ireland, observed the rising demands of online consumers.

what we are seeing here is the rise of a more digitally discerning customer one that is open to digital, is aware of its benefits and who expects it to deliver on its promise, he said.

The high expectations of digital consumers were further highlighted by recent research from on-demand delivery platform Stuart.

According to the survey of 1, 020 online shoppers, 79 per cent of respondents would stop shopping at their favourite retailer if it failed to continue offering their preferred delivery method.

Commenting on the survey, Ken Johnstone, co-founder of scanning technology developers Quikkly, emphasised the immediate nature of online-shopping habits.

fuelled by digital innovation, our world is speeding up. This is nowhere more apparent than in retail, where consumers are getting accustomed to an on-demand online buying experience, with purchases happening in a matter of seconds, not minutes, he said.



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