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The secrets to winning celebrity endorsements from the likes of Richard Branson, Jennifer Lopez and David Gandy

Lopez is incredibly active on social media and has over 100 million followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
It’s a more direct way to win a celebrity endorsement, and a less organic route, but if you have the means to do so its impact is undeniable.

Lopez’s use of social media is a great example of this a photo of her collection of charm bracelets for the brand posted on Instagram and Twitter back in March saw the image get retweeted hundreds of times, with the Instagram post getting liked 154, 000 times in a day. After the announcement of Lopez becoming the brand’s ambassador, the firm’s Instagram following doubled in the days thereafter, and has kept growing since.

After an appearance on American Idol, Lopez shared the outfit she wore online later, tagging Endless Jewelry as one of the brands she had on, instantly gifting them unparalleled access to her 1.5 million Twitter followers, 13.4m Instagram followers and some 43m fans on Facebook.

Steen Laursen, Endless Jewelry’s PR and communications director said “a large part of our 300, 000 plus followers on our social media platforms can be contributed to our collaboration with Jennifer Lopez”.

Lopez's presence on social media has been integral to the brand's success
Lopez’s presence on social media has been integral to the brand’s success
Laursen added that Lopez has a “very dedicated team around her” and teaming up with her has “opened several doors when it comes to markets, new partners and PR opportunities”.

Endless Jewelry was seeking a brand ambassador who “wouldn’t just be a face” but would also take ownership of their designs. At the same time, Laursen said any business thatworks with a celebrity in any capacity needs to be careful “in order not to let his or her brand cannibalise yours”, while he adds to bear in mind that any negative media stories will also reflect on you.

You don’t have to be an established name to secure celebrity endorsements though. Clothing brand JUNGWON launched in the UK earlier this year, transitioning from its New York beginnings.Designer June Sohn featured at?Nolcha, an event held during New York Fashion Week showcasing independent fashion designers. This exposure she said has led to her receiving continual opportunities to collaborate with celebrities, including dressing Sam Smith and Rudimental this summer.

The timing for her was particularly crucial the opportunities secured were during the festival season a key target demographic for Sohn and often a media hotspot. She said that both endorsements were great alignment for my brand? and their fan bases have engaged in excellent social media interaction? with it too.

Sohn feels the endorsements propelled me several stages ahead of what I imagined at my current timeline, with Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar all offering her features in their publications, while ecommerce sales have risen alongwith the brand’s increased visibility thanks to Sam Smith and Rudimental showing it off.

The likes of Rudimental and Sam Smith wearing JUNGWON during the festival season helped introduce the New York brand to the UK
The likes of Rudimental and Sam Smith wearing JUNGWON during the festival season helped introduce the New York brand to the UK



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