Business development · 15 May 2017

The right route to market: Launching a product to a global audience

Lucy Bostock has been looking for the right route to market
Lucy Bostock has been looking for the right route to market
Lucy Bostock aims to launch her child safety product in June this year, but how will she ensure a global audience? Here, we explore how Amazon can help her get the right route to market.

When, on a family day out to Legoland, Lucy Bostock and her five-year-old son were separated, she came up with an invention to ensure that he would never become lost again.

This is how the Adventure Belt from More-2-Explore came to be. The product physically connects parent and child belt-to-belt, to give the parents hands-free peace of mind and the child a sense of freedom. The award-winning design has not yet officially launched, but when it goes on sale in June, Bostock predicts Amazon will be a key route to market.

Bostock will be attending the free Amazon Academy event in Edinburgh on 23 May to learn how to maximise her business on the platform.

Sign up for your free ticket to Amazon Academy here.

by attending the Academy we hope to learn how we can get the most benefit from the Amazon Marketplace both in the UK and internationally, she said.

we know that Amazon can help us test international markets and want to gain more of an insight into this.As a new product, Amazon Launchpad appears to be particularly relevant.We are really excited to be attending this event as we know Amazon can help us grow and thrive.

Getting in front of the right people

According to Bostock, her greatest digital challenge is growing [her] reach and selecting the platforms on which to sell, both in the UK and internationally.



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