Business development · 21 June 2017

The Amazon Academy crib sheet what we learned about Amazon Marketplace

The world is your oyster with Amazon Marketplace
The world is your oyster with Amazon Marketplace
The Amazon Academy was held in Edinburgh last month to help small business take the plunge and get selling online. It was a great day for the attendees, but for those of you that missed it, here is a round-up of the key learnings from the event.

Amazon offers a suite of services for small businesses to help them compete with larger businesses on a more level playing field. This includes services like Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant, Alexa.

Katie McQuaid, Director of Amazon Marketplace, UK, spoke at the event to show small businesses how they could benefit by selling their products through Amazon.

Put simply, Amazon Marketplace allows individuals and businesses of all sizes to sell products to hundreds of millions of customers through Amazon’s websites and mobile app.

‘selling on Amazon Marketplace is easy and you can get started quickly just upload images and descriptions of your products and set your pricing, explained McQuaid.

you can manage your own inventory, fulfil orders from customers and provide customer service. Or with our Fulfilment by Amazon service you can have Amazon warehouse, pick, pack, ship and provide customer service when your product is ordered. Either way, your product can be available and visible to customers locally and globally.

Half of Amazon’s total global unit sales come from third-party sellers, and in the UK specifically, 74, 000 people are employed by businesses to support their selling on Amazon Marketplace.

Expand your horizons

it’s not just about selling online locally, the Amazon Marketplace is also a great way to for beginners to get exporting.

According to McQuaid, in 2016 alone, UK businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace achieved export sales of 1.8bn (29 per cent year-on-year growth), and the number of UK businesses exporting to European customers via Amazon Marketplace increased by more than 40 per cent.

The access to a global customer base helps of course, but other Amazon services also come into play here. For example, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) can help small businesses make good on delivery promises.

fBA enables sellers to use Amazon’s vast fulfilment network, staffed by tens of thousands of Amazon employees, to store, pick, pack and ship sellers’ products directly to customers, explained McQuaid.

amazon takes on the logistics, customer service, and product returns. This convenience means sellers can focus on scaling and growing their businesses, without having to worry about logistics.

don’t fear the unknown

The Amazon Academy event aimed to show small businesses that the internet and technology are great levellers, and there is no reason a startup can’t sell on the same world stage as bigger more established companies.

it’s democratised the ability to set up your own company, to the point where as long as you have a laptop, internet connection, and great product or idea, you can sell it anywhere in the world, said McQuaid.

Yet for some businesses, the concept of selling online is still quite daunting. it’s important for business owners to gain the confidence to compete.



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