Business development · 17 January 2017

Shopping in-store is a chore for four in ten consumers

Shopping in-store
Shopping in-store has become such a chore for many consumers that a third would rather wash the dishes at home
The convenience of online retail means that four in ten consumers now view shopping in-store as a hassle, according to a new global study.

The research, undertaken by business transformation firm CapgeminI Consulting, assessed the views of 6, 000 consumers from nine countries across the world including the UK, US and China, and exposed the ways in which ecommerce had moved the goalposts of retail.

It revealed the influence of online shopping habits over consumer expectations, and found several common frustrations reported by shoppers who have been accustomed to the experience of online retail.

Almost three-quarters of consumers surveyed reported difficulty in comparing the quality and prices of different products when shopping in-store, while two-thirds claimed that long checkout queues had made them more likely to shop online.

According to the study, modern shopping habits have changed to such an extent that a third of consumers reported that they would rather wash the dishes.

In a statement, Kees Jacobs, consumer goods and retail lead at Capgemini, confirmed that the in-store experience needed modernisation.

brick and mortar stores of the future will need to be very different if they are to give consumers a reason to leave their computer, abandon their dishes and visit, he said.

The study highlighted several features of online retail that in-store retailers needed to adapt to.

Three-quarters of respondents wanted to check stock availability before shopping in-store, and almost seven in ten felt that greater recognition of shopper loyalty would encourage them to return.



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