Business development · 12 December 2018

Seven reasons to do more public speaking in 2019 as an entrepreneur

public speaking
If you fear public speaking, knowing the benefits of delivering presentations could persuade you to overcome your fear
We all know how much work goes into launching, running and maintaining a business. We also know how frightened people can be of delivering presentations. However, bring presentations and business together and you have a match made in heaven.

Im a huge fan of presentations. When were feeling a little under the weather or need a vitamin boost, some of us head for supplements and natural remedies to give us that little pick-me-up. I like to look at public speaking as a natural pick-me-up that can do wonders for so many parts of our lives. Implementing them into your life and business can do so much for you, your health and your business. Ive proven this many times not only for myself but also for my clients. Ive seen confidence levels rise and businesses transform through this one simple skill.

Yes, we all know that public speaking is often deemed as the worlds number one fear. This is understandable; all eyes are on you, you’re the only one doing something different, everyone is taking in everything you say and everything you do, or equally, just as scary, no one is paying attention to you!

If you fear public speaking, knowing the benefits of delivering presentations will hopefully persuade you to overcome your fear and face a few audiences. Let’s put the fear of public speaking to one side for the moment.

In this article, I share seven reasons why public speaking is good for you, your business and your health. Yes, really!

  1. Delivering a presentation can really be enjoyable honest

If you plan ahead, prepare yourself for the task and prepare your presentation well, you can actually create a presentation that’s fun to deliver and watch. Many people who fear public speaking have looked back and thought that was fun? and went on to deliver more, improved presentations.

  1. Presentations open doors

The fact is presentations can open doors to new and various opportunities ones you couldnt attain otherwise. You never know who is in the audience and what opportunity they could approach you with. Just imagine someone offers you an opportunity you simply can’t turn down all because of one presentation.

  1. Connect with people

Presentations offer and require the opportunity to connect with people. This is useful for building rapport, networking, building credibility and visibility. The ability to connect with people and your audience is a very important part of your presentation and it’s one skill we should master.


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  1. Impact

Do you enjoy repeating yourself? I don’t. (Although, as a parent, Im forced to but that’s an entirely different topic.) By delivering presentations, you deliver a message once to a group of people and invite them to take action at the end. Through presentations, you leverage your time and in turn, make a bigger impact, create more sales and reach more people all in one go.

  1. Become an authority



Hanieh Vidmar is a speaker, trainer and former TV Presenter. She's delivered pitches on behalf of other companies, won contracts and raised over ?1m in funds. Her goal is to help as many people overcome their fears of public speaking so they can achieve bigger and better goals with confidence.

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