Business development · 16 November 2021

Optimising Christmas Sales as an Online Only Business

Christmas sales

With Christmas shopping in full swing, small online businesses might feel overshadowed by major ecommerce heavyweights like Amazon or eBay. Here are our top tips for optimising your Christmas sales. 

Website Maintenance

First and foremost, make sure you are on top of your website maintenance. A slow-loading webpage or insecure connection will make customers mistrust your site or click off out of frustration. You need to make sure your sales portal is safe and that your site is in good shape,because crashes or 505 error messages are going to cost you sales.

Curate Your Christmas Stock

Where are people going to see the products or services you are promoting this Christmas? creating a dedicated and curated page on your website that helpfully groups your festive items or seasonal sales together encourages your customers to happily and easily browse your online shop. With each item they click on, ensure that there is a full set of product information and delivery details. Including reviews from previous customers if you can will boost your brand and product validity. A good method for keeping customers on your site is linking other products they might like to see (and potentially buy!) that are relevant to the item they are already viewing.

Create Relevant Christmas Content

Creating Christmas-themed content can and will attract people to your website and to your products, especially if you make the content easily shareable on social media and post it to your own social platforms. Blog posts discussing how people could use your products, creating the perfect Christmas present list for hard-to-buy-for family members, or the best decoration trends for Christmas this year are excellent ways of providing readable content for your customers while promoting your own products or services. Having a video interview with your business team or owner talking about the products, services, creation process, business values, and even small videos talking about what they are most looking forward to AT christmas ways are brilliant ways of forming connections with your customers and showcasing the people behind the brand. This kind of content sits really well on sites like Instagram and TikTok, especially when you share links to the products you are talking about or showcasing. Take advantages of the #shopsmall and #buylocal hashtags to get your brand noticed by customers who prefer buying from SMEs.

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