Business development · 13 June 2017

New Snapchat Ads offering delivers range of marketing tools to small businesses

Marketers can now add a link to a web page or download screen to a short video clip
Marketers can now add a link to a web page or download screen to a short video clip
Social media app Snapchat has announced a series of new tools targeted at boosting the marketing efforts of small companies, as the platform’s Snapchat Ads offering is officially made live.

Small business owners will now be able buy and manage advertising campaigns through Snapchat Ads Manager, with those interested encouraged to register with Snapchat now.

Users can set up an advert with a vertical video between three and ten seconds, and incorporate an interactive button to link to a promotional article, an app or a website.

With an article advert, marketers will see their ad take the same multimedia form as the Discover format, with autoplay videos, text and images.

Meanwhile, the App Install? feature can take a viewer straight from a short clip to an app download page on the App Store or Google Play Store.

A new browser-based Snap Publisher tool will launch in July, allowing advertisers to create Snapchat Ads within a matter of minutes at a desktop. One-click publishing? will then take an ad straight from the browser to Snapchat Ads Manager.

Like similar marketing tools on Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat Ads will offer users a mobile dashboard to see how targeted campaigns are performing, with full analytics and in-app notifications.

Users can select objectives for specific campaigns, such as growing brand awareness, driving traffic to a website or encouraging app downloads.

However, with no minimum spend and ads costed via auction buying, the app is expecting companies of every size to embrace Snapchat Ads.



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