Business development · 6 April 2018

New Netflix for business? app promises to change the fortunes of SMEs

The Bizversity app has over 1, 000 videos from 250 industry experts.
New app Bizversity, hyped as the Netflix for business? has launched, hosting over 1, 000 training videos delivered by specialist business gurus.

Business mentor, Dale Beaumont, has launched the platform Bizversity which aims to attract the world’s 800 million business owners.

The app is compatible with mobiles, tablets and TV, like Netflix, but instead of dealing with the realm of entertainment it’s expertise is business.

Commenting on the launch, Beaumont said: We set out to build a product where business owners didn’t need to travel, attend events or cater to those who couldnt afford a business coach.

it was then one of my users during the beta testing stage said this is great, it’s like Netflix for business.”

Bizversity Founder – Dale Beaumont
The app partnered with 250 business experts to deliver on-demand training videos on over 80 topics. From SEO, to how to create new leads, to how-to? technology software guides.

Beaumont proposes Bizversity is ultimately about saving business owners time and money.

Currently Bizversity is free and accessible to anyone via their smartphone. However, the company will be launching their paid subscription service within the coming months.

the small investment for users will ultimately pay huge dividends. Within minutes, business owners will be learning how to market and make more sales, improve cash flow, profits and productivity all while also becoming a better manager, added Beaumont.

Regarding price, Beaumont said it’s still yet to be determined? but guaranteed it will be highly affordable and in line with services such as Netflix and Spotify.

Arguably, Bizversity has launched at an favourable time, as Netflix’s stock price has risen more than 65 percent since the start of 2018 and subscriber numbers are near 125m.



Carly Hacon is a reporter for Business Advice. She has a BA in journalism from Kingston University, and has previously worked as a features editor for a local newspaper.