Business development 26 July 2018

5 micro business strategies for successful event marketing

Ensure you are marketing your event before, during and after | Credit: Colour Graphics
Who doesnt want their event to be a success? The problem is, as event organisers, we don’t always leverage every marketing opportunity that comes our way.

These five tips for micro businesses from print and design agency Colour Graphics are spread over three time zones before, during and after.

Before your event

The importance of letting your customers know what your event is, when and where it is held and other crucial information is not lost on anyone.

This may be the strongest section of your plan because we all understand the necessity of promoting an event for it to be successful.

What we don’t always do, is use as many marketing avenues as we can to reach a wide a spectrum of our audience as we can.

  1. Use offline and online marketing tools


  • Create an event hashtag that will help to get your event recognised online
  • Strategise your online marketing strategy, including across social media
  • Run the social media campaign through all three life stages of your event

  • Use offline marketing tools that reach your audience
  • Think outside the box and be creative with offline media, as well as the marketing message
  • Boost your marketing plan with banner printing and other affordable, but effective offline marketing tools

During the event

With the event underway, you need to keep your foot on the marketing pedal. And yet, so many of us assume that once the doors open, there is no need to continue marketing.

  1. Raise brand awareness

All these people have packed into your event to participate in whatever it is you have to offer.

They are a ready audience and yet, so many brands don’t take advantage of this huge swell of potential future customers under their nose.

Market your brand with giveaways, competitions, as well as discounted offers on future purchases.

  1. Keep the buzz going on social media

If you have curated a following for your event on social media, then continue this buzz by live tweeting and posting from your event.

Social sharing sites afford many opportunities to expand the social reach of your event. Live videos of your event, alongside your hashtag and encouraging people to tweet and update their status whilst there are all ways in which other brands and events have harnessed the power of social media.

Think of it as digital word of mouth, a powerful force for customers and fans letting other people know what they think.

  1. Get press attention

Have you contacted the local press offices of the local and national press with a press release about your event?