Business development · 14 November 2019

Marketing hacks for non-marketers

Imagine a traditional retailer sets up a shop selling the finest eyewear. With no marketing, how will they ensure their desired customers know about their business and the products it sells If you don’t have any experience as a marketer, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Every small business owner should think about how they’re planning to market their brand. But first, what is marketing and what does it achieve? Why is it even important

In basic terms, marketing is promoting, selling and advertising your products and services to customers.

Marketing creates profits, targets the right customers and builds strong customer relationships. It’s highly important for small business owners as this is how they will sustain their short term sales objectives to keep the business alive and running. Moreover, they are able to expand and grow their customer reach.

It can be hard for small business owners with little prior experience to get a grasp on effective marketing quickly, as it consists of learning about various principles including strategies, concepts and tactics.

However, nobody becomes a master of marketing? overnight. It takes time and dedication to perfect the craft.

Let’s start with the basics.

Develop your brand

In order to start marketing a brand, you must know your business inside out.

Simply put, how can you implement a marketing plan if you do not know what your business stands for

Start by figuring out your brand characteristics and create a personality for your business.

How do you want others to perceive you

You can even get really specific with your brand development by thinking of which adjectives you want people to describe you by.

Hack: Start jotting down adjectives to describe your business. Is your business brand impactful, entrepreneurial, inspirational or innovative

Build a strategy?

After becoming your own brand creator, you can start building a strategy for action.

Hack: Answer these fundamental questions from Marketing Basics: The 101 Guide.

  • Who is your target audience
  • What actions do you want your customers to take in relation to your product or service?
  • How will you encourage your customers to take these desired steps
The importance of a strategy is to give your business a foundation to work with.

This gives a business direction and motive. Start by getting to know your audience and understand their needs.

A strong marketer will show customers how the business meets their needs and gives them solutions to their problems.

Work with a creative mindset

Marketing runs on ideas.

This means that marketers need to constantly think of new and engaging ideas to generate interest in the brand.



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