Business development · 9 May 2018

Instagram offers new tools to make business interactions easier

Over 150 million people have a conversation with businesses through Instagram Direct every month.

Often after being inspired by a story or a post, customers will often reach out to business owners through Instagram Direct. Furthermore, Instagram has made “doing business easier” by announcing the app’s new tools.

Over 150 million people have a conversation with businesses through Instagram Direct every month. Additionally, one third of those messages begin with an Instagram Story.

Commenting on this, director of product marketing at Instagram, Susan Rose, said: “On Instagram, people often reach out to businesses to learn more after being inspired by a story or post. And as a business, having regular and helpful communication with customers is critical to success.

“With over 150 million Instagrammers having conversations with business each month, we’re making it easier to manage these connections in Instagram Direct so that businesses never miss a message from a new or potential customer.”

However, businesses will now have a better way to manage messages from potential customers, from seeing important new customer messages in their main Direct inbox, to being able to filter conversations.

Also, in the coming weeks, Instagram will begin testing quick replies so that you can easily to respond to common questions.

Plus, Instagram will be making it easier to turn discovery into action through new action buttons on business profiles.

There will now be an option to ‘buy tickets’, ‘reserve’, and ‘book’ directly from a business profile so purchasing can be completed without leaving the app.

This feature has already confirmed future interactions with 25 partners such as including Eventbrite, Resy, and StyleSeat.

Why being “Instagrammable” helps small businesses thrive

Thanks to social media and in particular Instagram, shopping habits are reverting to the old days, with more people than ever exploring their local areas to find hidden gems.

A study, by the online business directory, has revealed how crucial being post-worthy is for smaller businesses, with one in five people admitting they care more about “Instagrammability” than the product.

Findings showed that the audience favoured small businesses much more when they share online, as posts relating to finding a new local business on Instagram have grown over 50 per cent year-on-year.

Commenting on this, Yell CEO Richard Hanscott, said: “The findings of our study show that these local businesses truly are the backbone of the UK.

“The heightened social media conversations and interactions show they will become ever more important to local communities, with a new tech-savvy generation seeking out new discoveries and places that aren’t your high-street stalwarts.”

How “Instagrammable” a service or product is, is also now a key factor for many consumers, 20 per cent of people caring more about how a product or service will look on their feed than how much it will cost.


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