Business development · 11 May 2016

How small businesses are embracing mobile sales

mobile sales
“Small business owners are now fully realising the benefits of the mobile revolution” said Andy Towers, head of mobile at eBay UK

Almost one-third small digital business owners think mobile sales will be vital to their sales growth in 2016, according to new research by eBay – while 62 per cent expect their firm to get a boost from the channel.

The research – conducted by YouGov on behalf of the digital marketplace – ­ also revealed that more than one-in-three are anticipating mobile sales growth of up to ten per cent in the next 12 months.

“Small business owners are now fully realising the benefits of the mobile revolution” said Andy Towers, head of mobile at eBay UK. “Mobile optimised sites and apps are helping customers to access technology that was once preserve of just the big retailers, and they are reaping the benefits.”

Small digital business owner Andrew Grant, whose company Clara Olivia sells through an eBay store as well as a dedicated website, added: “Staying ahead of the mobile curve is key for us in 2016. Having noticed our regular eBay customers – typically ‘on-the-go’ females – are increasingly purchasing on their mobile phone or tablet, we’ve taken steps to recognise this trend as part of the wider businesses strategy and critical to the shopping experience of our consumers.”

These positive expectations come despite the fact that almost 40 per cent of small digital business owners think below-par mobile internet coverage is acting as an impediment to their business growth.  Nearly two-thirds are dissatisfied with the state of UK broadband coverage – and half want to see improved public WiFi provision to help their employees work remotely.

British ecommerce firms saw record-breaking turnover of £573bn in 2015. Additional recent research published by IMRG and Capgemini in February revealed that more than half of these sales were made using mobile devices, while two-thirds of traffic came from tablets and smartphones.

“This is a very significant milestone in the history of the online retail sector and reflects the work retailers have put into improving the customer experience on smartphones. Not only have mobile platforms become more secure, but the payment process is also much slicker,” said Capgemini retail insight and data specialist Richard Tremellen.

Ticked the mobile sales box and considering embracing mobile payments? Check out this handy infographic-led guide to making the most of them.

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