Business development · 1 March 2022

How Book Businesses Nailed Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

It’s been stated repeatedly that social media sites like Instagram and TikTok are the new ultimate sales and marketing platforms.

You can run entire businesses from having accounts on these two sites, and influencers are now some of the most sought-after experts that businesses want on their contact sheet.

There are all sorts of influencers; the ones you’ll be most familiar with are dancers, models, and fashion enthusiast who benefit extremely well from the aesthetic-based algorithms of Instagram and TikTok. However, #bookstagram and #booktok are some of the most followed hashtags on the two sites and features thousands of accounts and social media blogs dedicated to reviewing and promoting the latest popular literature covering the tables at Waterstones and hitting bestseller lists.

These social media book blogs have created internet sensations (Colleen Hoover, Sally Rooney, Sarah J Maas, etc.) and this online popularity translates into impressive sales for the authors and the publishing companies. So, how have book businesses nailed social media marketing and what can you emulate to create success for your own business?

Unfortunately, we do judge books by their covers

As fickle as it might sound, sometimes a pretty picture is all it takes. Book cover designs are incredibly important to dedicated, hardcore book lovers and if a book has an unfortunately boring or generic cover, it might just not catch people’s eye in shops or online. Unique, gorgeous book covers can propel a book into online stardom because people want to share the images they can create around the book’s design. Publishers, designer, and printers understand this very well; they know they need to create a cover that stands out on shelves for all the right reasons. That’s how they can pull bloggers and book-influencers in to share photographs, images, and videos of the book to their online audiences, encouraging more and more interest in the book with the well-designed cover.

Whatever industry you’re trading in, clever graphic design, sleek branding, and carefully considered images will boost your reach on social media platforms. Good photography and fun videos will increase user engagement will your profile, improving your ranking, and the more shareable your content, the better your reach. Visuals are incredibly important, and they come from the root of your business: branding, product design, font, colour scheme, imagery, etc.

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