Business development 8 November 2016

Three tried and tested methods for getting your business recognised

trade show
Trade shows can be great places to meet new people and nurture existing relationships
Writing for Business Advice, founder and CEO at internet marketing agency SearchQuest, Vilayte Essa, identifies some key methods to getting your business recognised.

Gettingyour business recognised is an important benchmark in your industry. Getting the word out there, becoming known to people and organisations in your field, building your brand these elements are crucial to the success of your business.

As for going about putting these elements into practice and achieving that level of recognition? it’s sufficient to say that it can be challenging.

After all, if there is a large amount of competition, standing out from the crowd can take considerable time, effort and resources, as well as necessitating the implementation of a smart strategy.


Advertising your business, whether through online, traditional marketing or a healthy combination of the two, can increase its visibility in your industry. A good marketing strategy has a focus on great quality, is consistent and can be incredibly cost-effective.

One such avenue of marketing is content marketing. Creating unique, shareable and relevant content for your website and blog can boost your organic traffic and an increase in visitors can easily mean a rise in conversions and sales.

As your content gains traction, people will also start sharing it with others on their networks, which further increases your visibility and develops your brand awareness.

A fantastic arm of your business which shouldnt be overlooked can be developed through utilising social media campaigns. These provide you with numerous invaluable opportunities to engage with your existing and potential clients on a more personal, one-to-one, level.

By updating your social media platforms with relevant news and interesting posts you can engage others who share the same interests, or may be looking for advice in a specific area of expertise.

Through utilising this personal channel, you can develop your brand in whatever personality you choose highlighting your company as one you can trust. you’re a company owner who wants to speak to clients directly and address their concerns.

While digital marketing, or even utilising a digital marketing agency, is a fantastic way to ensure your brand is carefully nurtured online, and helps to reach out to customers, word of mouth is another crucial factor.

While online reputation management and internet marketing is here to stay, word of mouth is still incredibly relevant today in a study by Nielsen, 92 per cent of people trust recommendations made by their peers, while 70 per cent trust reviews made from people they don’t know. That’s a very strong argument for showcasing customer tutorials on your website.

Trade shows and industry events

Meeting like-minded people in trade shows and events can help you nurture existing relationships, develop new ones and remain up-to-date with your industry.

They also allow you to get the name of your business out there, as attendees will have the chance to get to know you and your business personally. it’s something they may struggle to do if you ignore all the above and have a poorly-maintained web presence.

Networking is extremely important to any professional; it allows you to represent your brand and business goals while creating contacts that may be useful in the future.

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