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Halloween affects online costume sales throughout October

Halloween costumes
Fancy dress retailers sell three times more online on Monday before Halloween than on any other day in October
Fancy dress retailers should prepare for a surge in online sales this week, as a new report has shown that in the last three years in the UK, the Monday before Halloween brought record sales for ecommerce costume businesses.

According to online management consultancy Volo Commerce, fancy dress retailers sell three times more on the Monday before Halloween than the daily average in the first two weeks in October.

Overall in the month of October, between 2013 and 2015, online fancy dress retailers sold four times as much than the average monthly sales over the course of the year.

CEO at Volo Commerce, Paul Watson, warned small fancy dress retailers to prepare ahead of time to get stock and logistics ready to handle the increased demand.

preparation is key to getting better deals from suppliers, better listings and strengthening their delivery capabilities.

The report also showed shoppers are keen to spend more on their outfits the Monday before Halloween than on previous October days.

In 2015, online consumer spending on fancy dress went up by 20 per cent, to 19.41 on average, on that specific Monday compared with 1 October.

Other online retailers will also be preparing for consumer spending surges as the 2016 holiday season edges nearer.

25 November sees the return of Black Friday, the annual shopping tradition where stores entice shoppers with flash deals, while the following Monday is Cyber Monday a new concept which has witnessed retailers offer further sales online to capitalise on the spending spree.



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