Business development 20 September 2016

Four business branding tips for owners on a budget

Digital marketing expertlaura McLeod provides final two’simple’strategies that can help small business owners transform an idea into a winning brand.

(3) Exposure

Gaining exposure is crucial for business growth. The main target is to establish yourself as an industry leader and to gain consumer trust to build a strong customer brand relationship.

Position yourself as a thought leader through the content you create. This content will bring your business to life and make you more accessible to consumers. A good place to start is to anticipate and answer questions that your customers will be asking. Youll present yourself as a strong problem solver for your customers.

This theory can be applied for brands trying to generate demand, by proving to new potential customers that you understand and can fulfil their needs. It can also be used if you are trying to break into a new market, by showing that you have identified an issue within the sector and that you are addressing it and thus giving customers a reason to come to you.

After creating this content, you should take advantage of free social media channels. The ideal platform will depend on the service you are offering. Focus on one to two platforms as it’s better to be strong on a few platforms than adequate on five.

Think about your audience demographic.) to determine the optimum platform to use. Keep these profiles updated regularly, engage with your users and make sure you share all the content you’re creating. Free giveaways are always a good place to start who doesnt love a free pen?

(4) The most important part: The customer

Convincing customers that you’re right for them is a tough task, so make sure you don’t neglect them once you’ve won them.

Customer retention is a simple trick that will allow your business to grow because customers who receive a good service will promote it to their friends and so on and so forth.

Enticing your customers to sign up to an email mailing list, so they can get exclusive offers from your brand for example, is a great way to keep front of mind.