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Can an Executive Master’s degree in Marketing and Sales boost your career?

Executive Master in Marketing

How can an Executive Master’s degree in Marketing boost your career? In this day and age, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is by having qualifications that prove your worth.

An Executive Master in Marketing and Sales is one way to do this. This Master’s degree helps students and those already in the industry, to reach their true potential through teaching a range of important skills.

  • Reach your potential
  • Implement what you learn immediately into the workplace
  • Greater knowledge base
The SDA Bocconi School of Management, in partnership with Esade Business School, offers Executive Master in Marketing and Sales to practising managers. This programme is available in Milan, Madrid and Barcelona, is of short duration, and covers various areas pertaining to marketing and sales. Participants can pick up the required skills in 3 to 4 days. The course instructors are drawn from the industry and academia and are respected for their skills and experience.

How can a Master help?

Working executives who want to improve their career in Sales and Marketing can learn advanced concepts through online ad traditional classes. This way, these professionals can improve their careers without leaving their regular jobs. Using an Executive Master in Marketing and Sales, working professionals can apply their newly acquired skills to real life business situations and go further in their corporate careers.

EMMS participants become a part of a top global network. Being a member of this international chain helps the students in various ways. They receive international exposure to new management thoughts and practices and get access to an immense number of global opportunities. Teachers of the executive marketing courses?are fully committed to high standards in teaching and research.

Implementing what you learn

One of the strongest aspects of this Master is the way that it is taught. The course is taught with both face-to-face modules as well as distance learning ones. This combination helps to expose students to a large amount of information in various ways. By utilising the part-time setup of this course, students are able to immediately use what they have learned in their workplace.

  • Variety of different modules
  • Course is taught part-time
  • Immediate implementation of learned skills is possible

Distance learning modules

The off-campus learning modules are rigorous in nature, but the faculty has designed them in a manner that these modules can be grasped easily by the students. Distance learning modules are a continuation of the on-campus classes. The concepts learned in the classes can be implemented in real-life situations by the EMMS participants. Online modules feature: 1) Blogs and discussion forums 2) Business games 3) Online classes.

  • Easy to use online platforms
  • Duration of this module is 6 weeks

Expansion and reach

By taking on this EMMS, students and professional participants are more exposed to a wider range of skills. With the high level skillset from the professors, students will be learning from the best. Additionally, it’s taught in English with students attending from around the world, each of whom may have new ideas that participants can use and expand on in their own workplaces.

Importance of marketing

Marketing and sales is a necessity if businesses want to succeed. In this more technological era, to not stand out is to fail. To be successful, sales are a necessity. Gaining important skills such as engagement, building long-term relationships with clients, and more, are just a few of the key skills offered by a Master in Marketing and Sales, helping students improve their own businesses.

Creating opportunities in the marketing world

By completing the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales from SDA Bocconi, in partnership with Esade Business School, students are setting themselves up for instant success. Graduates from this course will have the necessary tools to create a strong brand alongside relationships with their customers. By participating on this programme, students will get the latest in marketing strategies helping them to stay ahead of the game when venturing into the sales world.

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