Business development · 29 January 2018

eBay braced for thousands of new marketplace entrepreneurs

January has once again been proven the month for new business registrations
Online auction giant eBay is braced for a surge in business registrations this month, as figures confirm a wave of new marketplace entrepreneurs looking to start selling online.

Using official figures, eBay UK has predicted a 30 per cent increase in new business registrations in January 2018 compared to the typical month.

The statistics confirmed yearly trends showing January as the most popular month of the year in which to start a new business, with many Brits becoming restless in their regular employment.


How do I launch an eBay business and become an online seller?

For those looking to start a simple online business and earn a bit of extra money, eBay is often seen as the quickest and best route.


Of new eBay businesses registered in January 2017, the top ten are turning over almost a combined 6m on their eBay channels, averaging 600, 000 each in the first year of trading online.

The data also pointed to a mobile-first approach for new marketplace entrepreneurs, with 75, 000 businesses registered via eBay’s mobile app alone.

The ten most popular business ventures for new eBay entrepreneurs

1 Rear light assemblies
2 Wall decals and stickers
3 Headlight assemblies
4 Wing mirrors and accessories
5 Doors and door parts
6 CDs
7 Seat covers and cushions
8 DVDs and Blu-rays
9 Window motors, winders and parts
10 Wings and quarter panels

The rankings were dominated by the car parts and accessories industry, with many drivers seeking to repair their cars than buy a new vehicle. Britain’s new car market also dipped in 2018.



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