Business development · 11 January 2022

Cementing Your Reputation with Positive Customer Testimonials

customer testimonials

If we consider the rise of the influencer and dissect how popular individuals with large online followings have become massive marketing heavyweights, we can recognise how a positive testimonial or review of your service/product can bring a huge boost to your business’ reputation.

Personal endorsements from verified customers and users of your business or product often give your brand more authenticity and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential new clients. Influencers are usually paid to promote or endorse brands to their dedicated audiences, encouraging them to check out the companies they are publicly supporting. In order to maintain a positive public persona, most influencers try to only accept brand deals from companies they actually like and actively support.

However, influencer marketing can be an expensive option for SMEs and it is difficult to accurately predict how an influencer campaign will perform for your business. To boost your marketing with feedback from people who have engaged with your brand and products that support your message and claims, asking your verified customers for testimonials on their experience with your company can give you the leg up you need.

First question: how are customer testimonials different from a standard review?

Product or service reviews tend to be restricted in length because they are often left on third-party websites, seller pages, or in comments on your website. They are typically short, to-the-point, and include a star or number rating. While they are a great source of customer feedback, you are not able to predict or control what customers write and the anonymous reviews can cause reputational damage.