Business development · 27 June 2016

British B&Bs surge up global ratings board

Owners of British B&Bs are producing an offering in demand
Owners of British B&Bs are producing an offering in demand
Research conducted by TripAdvisor has discovered UK-based bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) have created an industry that is now the top-rated in the world.

Having lagged behind? other international rivals, the travel site’s findings determined that, in 2015, UK hotels and B&Bs achieved an average review rating of 4.16 out of five, putting Britain second out of 15 major tourism markets.

TripAdvisor believes B&Bs are the biggest contributor to the review climb, with smaller establishments achieving an average score of 4.4 while those with 26-100 rooms posted 3.97.

David Weston, chief executive of the Bed & Breakfast Association, commented: These figures are excellent news, and show that the UK has moved in ten years from the lowest-rated country to the second highest, driven by the success of independent accommodation.

the innovation and quality of small owner-managed properties have raised standards across Britain’s tourism accommodation sector over the decade.

TripAdvisor research
Average accommodation review ratings on TripAdvisor: 2005 vs 2015
While British B&Bs are producing sound consumer ratings, separate research from Direct Line in August 2015 suggested this business type is one of the most expensive companies to purchase. For every 1 of turnover generated, B&Bs had a purchase of 4.49, which was considerably higher than the figure for the average UK small firm at 1.74.

TripAdvisor also found out UK reviewers are among the most positive in the world. During 2015, the average review rating given by a UK traveller was 4.19, meaning they are the second most positive reviewers out of the 15 markets analysed.



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