Business development · 17 November 2017

Books, vinyl and DVDs set to top eBay buyers? Christmas wish lists

Over a third of millennial consumers buy a vinyl record every month
Over a third of millennial consumers buy a vinyl record every month
eBay’sellershavebeen tipped-offahead ofhigh demandfor books, vinyl and DVDsonchristmas wish lists this year, as new research finds that over half of UK adults now prefer physical media to digital downloads.

After polling over 2, 000 UK adults and gathering marketplace data, the auction giant found that over three quarters of Brits had bought a book, DVD, CD, vinyl record or video game in the last year, fuelled by the emotional connection to physical media and growing desire to disconnect from digital devices.

It was discovered that younger shoppers, aged 18 to 24 years old, could be driving the resurgence of physical media. Some 83 per cent of the generation most typically considered digital natives? had bought a physical item in the last 12 months.

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According to eBay’s Guide to Physical Media, the average person in Britain owns 260 media items 91 CDs, 88 books, 63 DVDs and 18 video games and as the latest research suggests, collecting is only becoming more trendy.

Overall, 58 items of physical media are sold every minute on eBay.

Commenting on the growing pull of physical products as an alternative to digital downloads, Rob Hattrell, eBay UK vice president, outlined the sales potential for sellers this Christmas.

in today’s digitised world, physical media has an emotional and social cache that appeals to our desire to own the things we love, as well as our penchant for status and showing off, he explained.

our Guide to Physical Media delves into why Brits love it and what’s behind the 830 million searches for physical media on our marketplace over the last year a number that is set to rise as people shop for entertainment for their Christmas stocking fillers.



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