Business development · 18 May 2018

Barking Mad Royal wedding: Dog care franchise celebrates with doggy nuptials

Move over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, dog sitting network Barking Mad Dog Care have been celebrating with their own wedding festivities.

The doggy wedding ceremony took place in Fife, South East Scotland. The day also consisted of a photo shoot organized by Elaine and John Warburton of Barking Mad Fife and Kinross.

A giant Newfoundland dog named Prince Harry married his very own Meghan after a search by Barking Mad Dog Care.

Elaine Warburton, of Barking Mad Fife and Kinross, said: “We decided that it was such a shame that he didn’t have a companion called Meghan too and launched our very own search, to commemorate the marriage of the human Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“We truly are ‘Barking Mad’ arranging a ‘wedding’ for Harry and Maeghan but it’s great to see so many people get on board and help us bring them together. We just love doggies and making sure they always have a great time with us.”

The husband and wife team behind the business who recently won Franchisee of the Year, at Barking Mad’s national conference.

Prince Harry’s owners decided to name their puppy after the royal groom-to-be in April 2017 and were delighted to receive acknowledgments from Kensington Palace.

Canine Prince Harry’s owner, Stacey Kilpatrick said: “We were so excited about the alternative Royal Wedding. We love the Royal family and even named our beloved Harry after Prince Harry. I’m so glad we said yes to Elaine finding Harry his very own Meghan, as it’s all been so much fun.”

However, this isn’t the first wedding arrangement Barking Mad has taken part in. Recently the business has introduced a ‘furrytail wedding’ dog chaperone service.

The service allows dog owners to participate in their owners’ special weddings by allocating a member of staff to look after the animals during their special days.

Barking Mad Founder and Managing Director, Lee Dancy, said: “We strongly believe that dogs are a real part of the family and as such, it is only natural that you would want to include your dog in your wedding day. We will happily step in to care for your pet, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding, knowing that your dog is in safe hands.

By accompanying your dog on the day itself, we ensure that we create an experience which you and your guests will love. We provide fantastic photo opportunities and create treasured memories, whilst also ensuring the happiness and welfare of your dog.”

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