Business development · 6 July 2017

Amazon Prime Day to give major sales boost to small online sellers

Over 20m items were bought from small sellers on Amazon Prime Day 2016
Small suppliers and entrepreneurs selling via Amazon Prime will have an opportunity for a major sales boost on 11 July, as the annual Amazon Prime Day returns to offer one-off deals to Prime members.

Now in its third year, Amazon Prime Day 2017 will see the ecommerce platform offer more exclusive deals to its Prime customers than ever, including hundreds of thousands of deals from smaller sellers.

New features launched for this year’s Amazon Prime Day include 30 hours of online deal shopping time as opposed to the standard 24 hours, meaning that Prime members will be able to shop for one-off deals from 6pm on 10 July until midnight the following day.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 will also offer its members greater personalisation so that they can more easily find deals they’re interested in via common themes theyve previously shopped for on the platform. New deal alerts via Amazon’s app will also make it easier for Prime members to track and shop for deals on the move.

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Commenting on the new features, Amazon Prime vice president, Greg Greeley, said: Every side of our business is working to deliver more deals for a record number of shoppers. We even decided that 24 hours in a day just isnt enough time to shop for all the great deals.

The ecommerce giant claimed last year’s Amazon Prime Day saw small business owners and entrepreneurs selling on the platform almost triple year-on-year sales orders, as Prime customers ordered more than 20m items from smaller sellers across 50 different platform categories.

It is expected that Amazon Prime Day 2017 will see these smaller sellers representing 40 per cent of Amazon Prime Day Lightning deals? a promotion offering a limited number of discounts on an item for a short period of time.

Gayle Hunter, the owner at Lifestyle Hunter, a small business selling a range of jewelry and lifestyle products on Amazon, said: Were expecting to outperform last year, where we saw a massive 250 per cent increase on standard sales levels. Were running loads of exciting offers throughout the UK and Europe on Amazon Prime Day, so everyone will have the chance to grab a bargain.



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