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4 micro businesses using Amazon to generate growth in the North of England

Is Amazon Prime right for micro business exporters?
Amazon Prime Day begins on July 16th

Micro business owners up and down the UK are gearing up for Amazon Prime Day 2018, an event proven to be a huge growth opportunity for the entrepreneurs that sell on Amazon.

Last year, on Prime Day 2017, small UK businesses achieved record export sales of £2.3bn, whilst more than 85,000 people are employed in the UK to run the sales activities of businesses selling on Amazon.

Commenting on Amazon’s influence, Amazon Marketplace vice president, Nicholas Denissen, said: “Prime Day helps SMBs reach more than 100m paid Prime members around the world, and provides an opportunity for the smallest of businesses to sell right alongside the biggest household brands.”

“In fact, Prime members ordered more than 40m items from small and medium-sized businesses during Prime Day 2017, generating record-breaking success for those entrepreneurs.”

Take a look at what four small businesses from the North of England are saying about Prime Day.

Dipesh Majithia, TVs and More, Blackburn:

“Prime Day is a key date in our diary and has been since the beginning. It’s a special event that our customers love, and this year will be no exception.

“Tvsandmore will once again be offering high quality products to customers locally and around the world and it is events like Prime Day that helps us to keep creating jobs in the local community.”

Amer Khan, Love2Sleep, Manchester:

“Prime Day has fast become one of the most important dates in the retail calendar and at Love2Sleep, we’ve taken full advantage of it in the last four years.

“Bumper sales on Prime Day help businesses like ours to sell products globally through exports, which helps increase sales and drive further profitability, ultimately creating more investment and jobs for our company.”

Neil Bumford, Plumbing Supermarket, Barnsley:

“Prime Day in 2017 was a fantastic success for Plumbing Supermarket, helping us further increase the breadth of our global customer base.

Events like this allow us to sell more products locally and export products around the world, meaning we can keep investing in our business throughout the year.”

William Johnson, Torro Cases, Newcastle:

“Prime Day is crazy – it gives us such a lift. It’s fast becoming one of the biggest sales events of the year and we’re well positioned to take full advantage of it again this year.

“Events like Prime Day give SMEs a big boost ahead of the summer holidays and keep us on track to increase our profitability and create more jobs.

Commenting on this, Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation said: “It can be difficult for small businesses to reach customers to reach beyond their shop window, which is why services like Fulfillment by Amazon and Prime Day are so important to UK SMEs.

“Without these programs, local small businesses would have a hard time achieving the same amount of growth, which translates into job creation and fuels the UK economy.”

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