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it’s all in the label: 7 product packaging tips for startup brands

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The choice of packaging and label design, colour and style identifies your brand
When setting up a new brand, aside from the quality of the product, nothing can be more important than the packaging.

The choice of packaging and label design, colour and style identifies your brand, gives it a unique appearance and hopefully will help keep the brand name front of mind. It distinguishes your product from your competitor’s and communicates directly with the consumer to present an image that expresses the product whilst also describing contents and providing instructions.

An attractively packaged product makes all the difference at the point of sale, this might be on the shelf but also increasingly on an online e-commerce platform. So, as applies to most things, first impressions count for a lot.

However for any new startup or specialist, craft producer there is a lot to think about, costs need to be kept to a minimum and it’s no good having an amazing label if it takes all the profit.

New startup business, Yumello, which produces argan oil and nut butter spreads, got it just right and its products now grace the shelves in iconic department store, Harvey Nichols.

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Business Advice spoke to Yumello co-founder, Esther Lopez, about the brand’s labeling choices.

when we considered a label design, we needed it to encompass our values, heritage, product ingredients as well as portraying a certain healthy lifestyle image, Lopez said.

we have a small range of products and needed small production runs of labels but also a printing facility that could print all of our label versions in one go. Digital label printing was the only solution.

Yumello recently won a listing with Harvey Nichols
With, Yumello was able to have customized sizes to fit its jars and all of its flavours printed in one run. But there were other factors to consider also.

we produce a premium product, aimed at speciality outlets and high-end stores, so we needed a label that looked premium in quality, continued Esther. were able to offer a premium matt paper that we couldnt find elsewhere and this was included in our Start Up package. So it was a perfect fit for us.

With retail outlet shelves being lined with multiple products from countries far and wide, each competing with one another, packaging provides the first impression that prompts the consumer to pick up the product and look further.

It pays to do your research and be sure about who your customer is, perhaps prepare a profile of their likes and dislikes. Where will your product sit in the market, is it high end? Is it an everyday product or a special one-off purchase?

Bearing all this in mind, here are a few top tips to help:

  1. First and foremost, really think about the design

This includes the colours, how do these relate to the product, what do the colours infer, how do they translate across different mediums and, if applicable, in different markets. How would they appeal to your customer?

Think about whether you want to use strong graphics or something softer such as illustrations or an abstract theme. Think about where your products will be on sale.

  1. Think about packaging and label shape

Can you use a more unusual shape, a customized-cut label Be sure to consider how this will work with all your brand sizes though.

  1. Engage with the customer


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