Business development · 10 June 2020

Five tips from a Drag Queen on creating an authentic and enduring brand identity

In today’s world of marketing, the competition to create a successful personal brand is higher than ever.

Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have saturated the industry, making it harder for people to stand out and build a business. Renowned drag queen Divina de Campo, runner up in the first UK season of the infamous Ru Paul’s Drag Race, discusses her journey to building her own personal brand on Fiverr‘s Ninetwentynine podcast.

1. Know your audience inside out

Like setting up any business, your audience should be front of mind. Being aware of who they are, what they want and how you can serve their demand should really be the starting point. Having this knowledge will help you engage with and grow your audience.

My style prior to building my brand was quite artsy, and a bit conceptual, I realised at 9pm on a Friday in a little gay pub that wasn’t going to fly, the audience was not there for that. Being the producer of my own content and entire brand identity, I learnt how I needed to adapt my skills and style to fit the situation, without compromising on authenticity.

When building a brand, it’s about looking for where the opportunity is and a lot of those opportunities come from your audience. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. give the people what they want.

2.?Be methodical

When creating your personal brand, you are the circus master, especially when starting out. You wear hats -? from being in charge of brand image, production to finances. It’s a lot but learning what works for you and what doesn’t, where you need help, is super useful. When I started out, I wasnt methodical enough and found myself freestyling a lot – I wanted to make it and put my all into my work but there really wasnt much structure.

Learning to be more targeted has allowed me to run my brand like a business and plan my next steps more clearly. I can now see a clear path to achieve my goals which is both more effective and motivating.

3. Stay true to yourself

it’s a competitive world and the business of creating a personal brand can be extremely challenging when starting out. it’s tempting to simply emulate other people and replicate what they do. the problem with that is you are you and they are them. so be you.

Youll quickly learn that the industry may pull you in different directions and people will question your business which is, of course, your personal identity. In a saturated market like social media influencers, it can be tempting to be driven in a certain direction but in my experience, those who stay true to themselves and their point of view are most successful.

don’t be afraid to say this is me!? and push back on anyone trying to change what you stand for and want to achieve. Remember that you are your product so if your trying to be someone else it won’t work – this is key to creating an authentic brand that will resonate with your audience much more than if you are simply going along with the crowd.

4.? Be adaptable



Divina de Campo is the stage name of Owen Richard Farrow, an English drag queen, known for competing in the first series of RuPaul's Drag Race UK.

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