Business development 10 November 2016

Watch and learn Why you should observe the best people in your industry

Sometimes we miss the opportunity to watch and learn from others? experiences.
Here, entrepreneur and business author Royston Guest outlines to readers the benefits of watching and emulating the habits of those that have already made their mark on your chosen industry.

it takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others.

zen Proverb

When it comes to doing anything new, you have two choices. The first is to put in the hard yards, learning through trial and error as you reinvent the wheel, the second is to watch and learn from those who have already navigated a pathway to success.

I personally know many business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs who have started businesses, achieved phenomenal success, perhaps even sold their business, but have failed to embed the lessons they learnt.

Theyve spent the next decade frustrated, setting up numerous new ventures, which never delivered the same levels of success. Why does this happen? Because they never had a replicable framework or formula that allowed them to deliver consistent, repeatable, predictable results every time!

I learned early in my career that observing and emulating the habits, processes, and attitudes of successful people was a reliable way to fast track my own success.

On reflection, this was one of my most important life lessons and it has stayed with me ever since.

Upon leaving school at 16, I was keen to get into the real world? and my first opportunity was an apprenticeship at a construction company working a six-monthly rotation through each department of the business. It could have been a long process of trial and error.

But instead, my very wise site manager advised me that as I moved between the various departments, I should ask the three best people in each area what they thought I needed to know in order to be successful from day one.

When I joined the planning department, I asked the three best planners, who shared tips and tricks I would otherwise have had to learn the hard way. When I joined the quantity surveying department, I did the same.

Adopt a success modelling approach

If there is one idea that can fast track? your success: personally, professionally, and in your business, it’s this: success modelling.

You can either develop yourself and your business the hard way or the easy way. Which pathway are you currently on?

The first pathway is the hard way learning through your mistakes, trial and error and constantly re-inventing the wheel.

This road can be long, winding, and a painful experience. Sometimes we become so locked in our own world, so inwardly focused on thinking we can do it all ourselves and we know best, that we simply miss the opportunity to learn from others? experiences.

Is there an easier way? Yes, and top achievers follow this second pathway. They have an insatiable need and thirst for discovery, tapping into the success formula of those who have already been there and done it.

Knowing that if they learn from their lessons, they might just accelerate their own journey, and in the process, avoid some of the common pitfalls which can easily derail and sabotage their success.