Business development · 3 January 2020

Does your business need a storage unit this new year?

Storage unit

There is an internal hoarder in each of us. And while we don’t exactly fall into the same bracket as participants on reality television shows, within that chaos, there is an element of relatability. And it’s the same with small business owners.

When trying to run a successful business, the last thing you need is an overload of anything cluttering up your office space. In fact, there is an expected 85% increase in collaboration and innovation in agile workspaces! But sometimes clearing out space just doesnt seem like an option.

However, there is a simple, safe and inexpensive solution to your problems: a storage unit. This near-effortless addition to your workspace is likely to boost productivity, and give you the opportunity to keep your space consistently clutter-free.

1. Employee satisfaction

Storage unit

Everyone has heard the term tidy room, tidy mind?; probably said to them as a child. It thought us the values of cleaning our room. But, despite the childish connotations of the phrase, there is a lot of worth to it.

Having the luxury of working in a tidy and clutter-free office will increase employees productivity substantially. By simply having the freedom of space to focus, collaborate, learn and socialise at work, the overall job performance of each employee will improve.

Opening up your workspace with the assistance of a storage unit holds more delights than just improved mobility; there is also the potential to fill the space with anything else your office might need.

Perhaps a new copier or a variety of indoor plants to heighten your employee’s morale. A clear-out may also offer the opportunity to reorganise the layout of the workspace for the benefit of the workers. There is a boundless supply of options available to those with a clutter-free office, but the first step is having somewhere to put the clutter.

2. Appropriate archiving

Storage unit
File it up: Business owners require seven years of document storage.



Richard Enright is the owner and manager of Store That, a Canary Wharf self-storage company that has evolved from a family-run business founded in 1949. Still running the original factory for textile and plastic raw materials, Richard put his own 40 years knowledge of warehousing, handling and shipping all sorts of goods worldwide, into the upcoming industry of self-storage and developed high-end storage units in line with other professional players on the market. Each year, Store That is expanding this side of the operation as London Docklands continues to be the hub of development and their ethos of high-level service at a competitive price proves successful. Richard says ?family-run businesses offer something the corporates can?t and the level of personal attention is high here, whatever your reason for making contact; it simply comes from the heart and nothing else?.