Business development 29 August 2019

How to start a successful DJ business 

Forget what you’ve heard! Starting a successful DJ business is about far more than talent alone. Even the most gifted artists need to consider things like DJ equipment, DJ finance, how to get into the prestigious DJ events and so on. 

This is where most amateurs and hobbyists looking to go pro slip up. They expect an easy ride, assuming their talent will take care of things on their behalf.  In reality, starting a successful DJ business is a challenging and time-consuming process. Nevertheless, the rewards for those who get it right can be enormous.

After all, what could be better than a career getting paid (and generously) for something you love doing?

So for those who are genuinely serious about starting a successful DJ business, here are the six most important steps on the way to making it happen:

Step 1.  Decide what type of DJ do you want to be

Before going any further, you’ll need to decide on the type of DJ you want to be. Mobile DJ?  Wedding DJ? Local nightclub DJ? Private party DJ? The next international megastar? You need clear goals and objectives from day one, in order to give yourself something to work towards. Plus, it pays if your objectives are realistic and measurable.

Step 2. Consider the competition

Choosing a niche is one thing, but you also need to consider the competition in your area. Or should that be the area you intend to work in? Think of it this way – setting up as a wedding DJ in a small town that already has 700 reputable wedding DJs might not be the way to go. Consider the competition you’re up against, in accordance with your objectives and priorities. 

Step 3. Finance your DJ equipment

If you’re serious about going pro, you’ll need to upgrade that lousy £50 rig you’ve been practicing on. You can’t rely on the venues you play to provide you with all the high-end equipment you’ll need to put on an unforgettable show. Instead, you’ll need to think carefully about upgrading your DJ equipment to a higher standard. Something made easier with affordable DJ finance, which can help spread the costs. 

Step 4. Make sure the time is right

You’ll hear most successful artists talk about holding down any number of different jobs while getting their careers off the ground. Unless you’re already pulling in good money as a DJ, you need to think about how you will support yourself in the meantime. If you’re barely making ends meet as it is, now probably isn’t the right time to give up your day job. Be realistic about your budget, ensure you will be able to fund your lifestyle in the meantime and think carefully about when and how to tell your boss you’re done.

Step 5. Market yourself like crazy 

If you want to showcase your talent at the highest-profile DJ events, you need to start making a name for yourself as quickly as possible. Again, you cannot always rely on your talent to do the talking. Instead, you need to get into the habit of marketing yourself like crazy from the earliest possible stage. Use every online and offline channel at your disposal to advertise and promote your DJ business to your target audience. Push yourself and your work like any other product or service, creating an irresistible offer they won’t be able to refuse. 

Step 6. Get ready to graft

Last but not least, don’t make the mistake of expecting miracles to happen overnight. Likewise, except that there will be setbacks and obstacles to overcome along the way. Building and running a successful DJ business represents a significant investment of time, efforts and patience. All of which will pay dividends when you suddenly find yourself living the lifestyle you love and getting paid for doing so. 

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