Business development 19 November 2015

Small business community unites for Business Advice launch

While the setting wouldn’t be where you’d typically expect small businesses to assemble, Canary Wharf was the location for our launch party – where we unveiled our maiden Small Business Decision Makers list and heard from a host of brilliant speakers including some of our resident experts, exciting companies featured in our “On the up” section and Facebook’s Oliver Sewell.

Held at the base of KPMG Small Business Accounting, our headline sponsor, the event served as a thank you to our supporters and a chance for us to introduce the title to those who hadn’t come into contact with it yet.

For those who weren’t in attendance, we’ve pulled together some of the best images from the night for you to have a look at.

Business Advice editor Hunter Ruthven was the host for the evening
The KPMG Small Business Accounting team were on hand throughout the night
The room was packed with members of the small business community
Our Small Business Decision Makers 2016 list went down a storm
KPMG Small Business Accounting partner Bivek Sharma told his story, which began by taking the reins of his family’s firm
Our audience enjoyed hearing about Bivek Sharma’s mission at KPMG
Facebook’s Oliver Sewell left us under no confusion that mobile is here to stay
Chaser’s David Tuck is both one of our experts and a small business
Our three experts discussed building a business with longevity
From experts, the evening moved on to small business entrepreneurs – with three companies appearing on stage
Augustus Pili founder Jalil Rahman was a crowd favourite for his attire and detail on “gangsters”
The evening then moved into the Winter Garden, where our guests got to know each other a bit better
Charged with food and drink, party attendees were in high spirits
By the end of the evening our event was trending


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