Business development · 12 November 2019

2 major things Simon Cowell can teach you about handling PR disasters

For over a decade, music mogul Simon Cowell has been playing god to many hopeful pop stars desperately seeking their five minutes of fame and fortune. The show in question, ‘Thex factor’ was, for many years, the focal point of many peoples’ Saturday night viewing.

However, the show is not as popular as it once was. This year, Cowell has?sought to remedy the declining numbers by giving the show a facelift, this became ‘X Factor Celebrity’.

Despite his efforts, the ratings are now at their lowest ever for the live section of the show, (down to 2.99m in 2019 compared to 14.13m in 2010).

A weakened brand

The demise of this cultural phenomenon (and his biggest cash cow), might have taken a toll on Cowell personally, from his dramatic weight loss to cancelling his much-publicised birthday party two days before the event last month.

Simon Cowell is his own brand, and with all that’s going on in his business (and maybe personal) life, it’s not a strong one at the moment.

But his demise won’t be in vain, as small business owners can use his examples to manage their own PR disasters. Whenever they happen.

1.”There’s no such thing as bad PR“- Michael Scantlebury, Director and Founder, Impero



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