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Seven hacks for a successful business trip

Business Advice | 6 November 2017 | 7 years ago

Business travel
Flight delays or lost luggage can make business travel challenging
Business travel may seem luxurious for those who don’t get to do it often, but it can also be physically draining and challenging. Here, digital marketing agent Irmahunkeler reveals seven hacks for a successful business trip.

Common problems that can arise include flight delays, cancellations or even luggage lost in transit.

These issues are sometimes unavoidable, but there are ways to make your trip more successful and more enjoyable from start to finish. Here are seven hacks for a successful business trip.

(1) Travel light

Travelling light is a great way to make your business trip efficient, making your packing easier and your journey smoother.

it’s no fun to wheel around a heavy suitcase from one country to another, when you can simply just bring the essential items you need, alongside a couple of suit changes, and something relaxing for after hours.

This will help negate luggage check-in costs, speed up your departure from the airport and avert any risk of losing your items.

(2) Direct flights

When travelling for business, you will always want to fly direct to not only lower your waiting times, but more importantly jet lag and fatigue.

Taking connecting flights may save you a certain amount of money, but as they often say, time is money too. Connecting flights can leave you feeling exhausted both mentally and physically, which doesnt place you in good stead for an important business trip.

(3) Morning flights

If it’s a seamless journey you’re after, then morning flights are the best way to avoid delays. In fact, most morning flights reach their destination quicker than those in the afternoon or early evening, as the weather is generally less volatile.

Temperatures begin to rise in the afternoons, which is why later flights experience more turbulence. The fact that morning flights have less turbulence means that you will have more chance to relax and enjoy the journey.

Arriving in your destination during daylight is also more likely to give you a new lease of life after a long journey, as opposed to arriving in the middle of the night.

(4) Accommodation?

When it comes to accommodation, you will no doubt be wanting to be as comfortable as possible, for as little cost as possible.

Many hotels offer corporate deals that your company can benefit from, particularly if you’re travelling as a group. Choosing a hotel that offers relaxation facilities, such as a spa, are a great way to keep your business trip balanced and your mind focused.

(5) Stay Charged

Keeping your electrical devices charged is vital when travelling abroad as you never know when you may need them.

Smartphones, in particular, are prone to losing battery life pretty rapidly, especially if you are using any apps or games when you’re on the go. You should always remember to bring at least one portable charger along with you on your travels, especially if you need to work along the way.

There are a range of all-purpose universal USB chargers available, and you can also equip yourself with extra battery packs to be on the safe side.

(6) Stick with your routine

You don’t have to let traveling completely knock you off of your schedule. Stick to your daily routine when you travel so that you can allow for some spontaneity and adventure when needed.

If you travel often, keep a travel bag filled with your personal toiletries ready to pick up and go in a hurry. Carry a personal water bottle so you stay hydrated, and pack your own healthy snacks, so that an unexpected business trip doesnt completely wash out your diet.

Stay away from the free alcohol on the flight, especially if you are not a regular drinker. And find time to head to the hotel gym, or do some simple exercises in your hotel room to keep up your fitness regimen.

Keeping these little things like diet and exercise consistent can help reduce stress and keep your body focused while you battle jetlag and other fluctuations.

(7) Add an extra day

Booking an extra day on after your business trip can be really useful if you have made some new contacts, and want to schedule a meeting or collaborate before you fly back home.

Doing this can help you boost business relationships, potentially opening new doors and opportunities. Alternatively, you can use the extra day to explore the city you’re in and take in some culture, as a well-deserved treat to yourself.

For those who have travelled for business extensively, the novelty can eventually wear off. Unforeseen circumstances are bound to happen from time to time, but it’s important that for everything else, you take matters into your own hands.

Taking the time to plan your business trip meticulously will pay dividends, as youll keep stress, fatigue and cost levels down.

Irmahunkeler works, a digital marketing agency.

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