Business development · 17 July 2015

Our business planning expert: Shelley Stock Hutter partner Bobby Lane

Bobby Lane has helped companies large and small to improve
My name is Bobby Lane, and I work for advisory firm Shelley Stock Hutter, where I’m responsible for helping young companies grow and improving the fortunes of those going through difficult periods.

Iunderstand what it’s like to make the big leap from having a secure job to setting up your own business. More than 12 years ago, Ileft the world of media and marketing as a CFO, obtained a small overdraft and myminI became mymobile office.

Since then (as an accountant and small business adviser) I’ve helped hundreds of businesses in the UK set up their business, get struggling businesses get back on track and have aterrific track record of making sure businesses can get funding from banks or other providers.

Take the story of four hair colourists who wanted to set up their own salon but were rejected by six banks for a loan. They came to mefor help and Imade sure that the seventh time the bank said yes. Or the company that was 24 hours away from going out of business, which is now making record profits and growing dramatically. Or the inspiring story of a married couple in their sixties who had an innovative product deodorants for 8-14 year olds but struggled to get investment to make this idea fly. Iworked with them and now the product is selling globally in over 7, 000 stores.

A partner at accountancy firm SSH, I’m alsoa mentor for a government-backed scheme designed to help startups anda regular commentator for the national and trade media.



Bobby Lane is a partner at audit, accountancy, outsourcing and business advisory practice Shelley Stock Hutter, where he has been overseeing business growth since 2003. He's a regular speaker and expert on professional new business and marketing. Having qualified as a chartered accountant while with BDO, he's served as a business agony uncle on BBC Radio London and has particular expertise in the media, fashion, leisure and health/beauty sectors.

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