Business development · 3 August 2017

One in four would invest in a business after winning the lottery

Most of us would chose not to inform work if wed won the lottery, the survey found
A quarter of people in the UK would chose to invest in a business venture if they won a substantial amount of money, in a competition or the national lottery, according to new research.

Around 36 per cent of people would opt to continue working after winning the lottery, while 16 per cent said theyd go and work for a charity, a survey or more than 2, 000 UK workers showed.

The survey, carried out as part of the Working After Winning research project by gaming firm Wink Slots, revealed some of the most popular industries and sectors people choose to invest in after winning the lottery jackpot.

Bricks and mortar assets are overwhelmingly the favourite things Britons chose to invest in after a lottery win, with 27 per cent of people revealing property would be first on their list of business investments.

Out of those people whod chose to invest their lottery winnings in a business venture, the following sectors also proved popular:

UK industry Percentage of people whod chose to invest jackpot winnings in a business
Banking and finance 19
Hospitality 18
Automotive 14
Tourism and Leisure 14
IT 6
Some 11 per cent of the survey’s respondent workers said theyd retrain for a new career after winning a large amount of money, with the digital media industry found to be an area most people would opt to go into.

Other popular industries workers would wish to retrain in are the film industry (18 per cent), travel sector (16 per cent), music (14 per cent), sport (nine per cent) and the sciences (eight per cent).



Fred Heritage was previously deputy editor at Business Advice. He has a BA in politics and international relations from the University of Kent and an MA in international conflict from Kings College London.