Business development · 16 September 2016

George Osborne to chair new Northern Powerhouse think tank

The former chancellor will hold central government to account over policy decisions affecting the North of England.
George Osborne will continue to champion the Northern Powerhouse initiative in his new role as chairman of government-backed think tank the Northern Powerhouse Partnership.

The job will see the former chancellor hold central government to account over policy decisions affecting the North of England, by bringing together local business owners and policy makers to commission research and share ideas about the Northern Powerhouse plan.

Sajid Javid the government’s former business secretary and incumbent communities secretary welcomed Osborne’s move from the House of Commons backbenches and his aim to accelerate growth in the North and ease the economic divide between there and the South.

“This government realises the huge untapped potential of our great northern towns and cities. That is why I warmly welcome the launch of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, Javid said in a statement.

I hope it will become an important part of the debate and help us do all we can to further boost jobs, growth and opportunities in the North of England.

The think tank will need to change the outlook of small business owners whom, according to research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) in February this year, remain split over the potential for success of such a body.

The FSB found that only half of small business owners in the North of England believed the Northern Powerhouse concept would be able to offer a positive impact.



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