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Four tips for giving career support to your entrepreneurial partner

A supportive partner can lead to success in business

Every entrepreneur striving for success can achieve more with support from their respective partner. Here, legal secretary and author of The Corporate Wife Handbook, Sarah Watson, provides five tips to consider when giving career support.

Understanding business relationships

Strong business relationships are the key to successful careers for any professional.  People often can’t progress in their chosen field without support from business contacts.

Professionals come together over common ground in their chosen field to from working together. If you acknowledge the importance of professional relationships to your partner, it will create support and understanding.

Always be mindful that professionals come together for a specific purpose, Although the business contact may not be someone your partner would normally connect with on a social level, it is important they do so on a professional level.  If you understand the need for that particular working relationship, your partner is more likely to benefit from you giving career support.

Making the right impression

When you are giving career support to your partner in their business environment, it is important that you complement their style of interaction.

During professional encounters, your partner will conduct themselves with their business reputation in mind.  If your partner normally has a relaxed demeanour, but in the business environment is more formal, when giving career support it’s important to demonstrate similar behaviour.

If you act in contrast to your partner in their professional environment, it may give conflicting views to other professionals as to who they perceive your partner to be.

Business relationships are built on trust and understanding of each other’s professional abilities, so the appropriate type of support is important for you to execute.

What about you

You may have your own demanding and successful career or alternatively you have sacrificed the chance of progressing in your own professional field to provide support to take on the role of raising your family.

Whatever your circumstances, the most important thing to do when giving career support is to do ejust that – show your support. You shouldn’t need your partner’s working environment to endorse your own achievements or promote yourself.

Outsider information

As you are there giving career support, the opportunity is there to observe the interactions taking place and gain a better understanding of the people involved.

You’re well-placed to offer perspective from an outsider’s viewpoint. For example, you may recognise certain dynamics between a professional team, or observe a passing comment made.

That information could be very valuable to your partner, giving them insight about the people they’re interacting with and benefitting them when considering the business relationship in the long-term.

Professionals have to provide a high level of commitment in order to succeed, especially entrepreneurs, and the hard work can be made a lot easier with their partner giving career support.

Sarah Watson has worked in the legal sector for more than 25 years and has been married for 20 years . She is the author of The Corporate Wife Handbook.

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