Business development 7 December 2016

Four alternative Christmas party ideas for a small business

Alternative Christmas party
Throwing an alternative Christmas party for your employees can provide a break from traditional function room affairs
Writing for Business Advice, Catherine Crawford of Team Tactics looks at how you can move from tradition and throw your employees an alternative Christmas party.

it’s the event of the year, a night where you can cut loose and get to know the people you work closely with day in and day out. It can also be a nightmare for the HR or management team to plan, as you have to try and please everyone all at once.

This year give your staff something to get excited about. Discard the stuffy hotel function rooms and local bowling alleys and get creative. The following ideas show that there can be so much more to the traditional office party.


Karaoke is always a solid party favourite, with even the shiest of team members grabbing the mic after a few glasses of prosecco. Now there are many themed karaoke nights available to make the evening even more enjoyable.

Choose between Christmas classics or belting out childhood favourites. you’re sure to get everyone laughing and clapping along, even if some of your colleagues are a little off key.

Treasure hunt

Immense fun and an excellent team building exercise. Setting up a treasure hunt for your team can’t only get you up and out, but also encourages team members to work together closely.

There are so many options when it comes to setting up a treasure hunt. Find the perfect location, whether it’s out in the wilderness or even in the local city centre. Think of a theme for your hunt and plan a celebratory party for when the treasure’s been found by the winning team.

Quad biking

For the more adventure loving team, why not head to the great outdoors and get active with some quad biking? Experience a full day of racing around a wooded estate or vast piece of land and get the adrenaline pumping.

After a long day of biking, make sure you re-fuel with a full Christmas dinner and a few drinks to round off the day nicely. You could even throw a minI party in the evening to allow people to let their hair down.

Party bus


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