Business development · 11 July 2019

How to create beneficial business collaborations

Collaboration is beneficial for all parties involved. If you have managed to find a suitable company to work with, it not only increases your chances of being noticed, but it can also generate success across all areas of the business on a wider scale.

Here’s how you can find the right people to collaborate with, and how you can make your business connections more mutually beneficial.

1. Ensure you have shared values

Know your values as a company and ensure you partner with a brand that shares the same values as you. It will be almost impossible to successfully work with someone who has completely different views and goals to you. Values and goals are what drives a brand to be successful, therefore ensure both companies know exactly what they want out of a collaboration and are willing to stick within the values that have been set.

2. Respect the brand you work with

There is no point working with a brand that you do not respect or do not agree with how they work. Look at working with brands that have an effective workforce already in place; these brands are more than likely to also co-work effectively.

3. Do your research

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Do your research and check out the business you want to collaborate with before you commit to anything.
A collaboration is meant to benefit both parties, so looking into the work your potential partners are producing is vital. Is their content creative enough for you? Does it engage readers or clients? Do their readers interact with their posts? Do they interact with their followers?

If they work in similar ways to you or are doing things you had not thought of to push their brand, it could result in developing into a successful partnership.

For example, if a business chooses to work with a local school through work experience placements, it will not only benefit the school and its pupils, it may result in the company seeing potential and hiring fresh talent onto their team.

4. Communicate

Communication is key to having a successful collaboration. Ensure all parties are aware of the same goal and are aiming for the same outcome before agreeing to take things further. Sit down, have a coffee and talk about everything you want from this project. If things are communicated clearly from the offset, the collaboration is more than likely to be a success. Collaborations can aid companies to enhance their client base or their audience, save money of marketing costs as well as generate more captivating content.

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Charlotte Baldwin is Operations Manager at IQ Cards. IQ cards is a fundraising company that provide schools and establishments with the necessary tools to fundraise via selling high-quality and unique gifts designed by pupils. The team consist of PTA members and mothers who are dedicated to introducing more crafting and fundraising to schools.

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