Business development · 18 March 2020

Have you adopted these 3 advertising strategies yet?

Coronavirus has had an immediate impact on businesses across Britain, with few industry owners being prepared for the colossal wave of uncertainty and upheaval it is spreading across our economy.

Just on Monday?WallStreet experienced its worst day since the 1987 recession and more and more small business owners are taking it upon themselves to close their stores in a bid to protect staff and vulnerable public measures.

During these unpredictable times, it is important for business owners to stay on top of their game, and utilise every opportunity to promote and protect their livelihood.

our society is dominated by the digital age, which influences and guides our everyday decisions. it’s for this reason that businesses need to keep on top of trending advertising techniques more than ever before that’s if they hope to appeal to their target markets” says?Managing Director of Reboot Online, ShaI Aharony, below he has provided some of the best advertising strategies for your business to utilise during the outbreak.

1. Chatbots

We know that bots are the future, but with 43% of industry owners already utilising this form of digital marketing, it’s clear they are already ruling the online advertising sector. But what makes them so great?

For one they are a great way for potential customers to get an immediate response about general queries they might have in regard to your business. What’s more, is that a chatbot can help you lower labour costs (a robot does not need 20 days paid holiday).

2. Google AMP for ads and post-click pages (ALP)

52% of business owners are planning on adopting this tool, making it a key feature of the google adds programme.

This setting aims to reduce the bounce rate from customers on your website by allowing the site to load at superfast speed, using around ten times less data than average.



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