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The 10 most profitable freelance careers in the UK

freelance careers
Are the most desirable freelance careers the most profitable?
Half of the UK workforce is predicted to be freelance by 2020. With more professionals than ever taking control over their working life, Business Advice canreveal the most profitable freelance careers in the UK.

Between 2001 and 2017, the number of active freelancers in the UK increased from 3.3 million to 4.8m, according to the Office for National Statistics. Expectations of working life are changing, and the flexibility and independence of freelancing have become an increasingly powerful pull for professionals.

The gig economy has also played its part. Around 2.8 million people are selling their labour through online apps such as Deliveroo and Uber, adding a new dimension to freelancing.

For professionals itching for independence, insurer Protectivity analysed over 50 freelance careers across the UK to highlight the most financially secure jobs out there, as well as the ones in highest demand.

Freelance legal professionals drew the highest average earnings, at 57, 293, followed by investment consultants on 50, 000.

Software developers and architects were also able to pull high fees for their skills, earning an average 42, 500.

Meanwhile, yoga instructors and interior designers earned more other typically popular freelance careers, such as photographers, musicians and actors.

The 10 most profitable freelance careers in the UK


Are there any differences in the careers people want to freelance in, and what careers are likely to make them the most money?

Protectivity discovered that many of the most desirable careers were unlikely to be the most lucrative. While many people would like to become a freelance photographer or musician, those professions are in lower demand than software developers and legal professionals.

The 10 most desirable freelance careers in the UK


Commenting on the findings, Sean Walsh, marketing manager from Protectivity Insurance, said the perception of freelancing was shifting.

joining the world of freelancing? can be a scary prospect at first to some, but has worrying about job security become a thing of the past, with more people getting involved with the gig economy? and taking on more freelance work than ever before?

“Hopefully, this research shows some interesting results that prove you can get out there on your own and make the jump into the freelancing world.



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