Business Advice · 16 May 2022

Why Go to a Commercial Finance Broker Rather Than a High Street Bank?

As a well-established commercial finance broker with over 20 years of experience in raising finance for businesses, we can demonstrate the benefits of working in partnership with a broker instead of dealing with a high street bank.

As brokers, we have access to hundreds of lenders across all types of business finance, whereas, if you go to your high street bank you are limited to their own products. Also, if they say no, you have no other alternative but to re-visit the market and start the whole process again.

Other benefits are that a commercial finance broker generally requires far less information than the high street banks and often, with a broker, the process is both quicker and shorter.

Over many years, we have achieved this knowledge of building relationships with lenders and learning about all their existing and new products, which enables us to find a specific solutions to our customer’s needs.

Julian Stafford, the Managing Director, having worked in corporate banking and invoice finance for many years, identified the need for business owners to be able to access a wider range of relevant lenders with a host of alternative products and services. In addition to this, he is keen to fulfil these requirements with impartial advice.

To further expand their business knowledge, Mark Ridley joined the team, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in asset finance, vehicle leasing, and property finance.

With that in mind, a commercial finance broker is like a residential mortgage broker who has access to many mortgage providers, likewise, we have access to hundreds of lenders across all different finance products, such as:

  • Business Loans
  • Asset Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Property Finance
There is a multitude of other products that complement the ones highlighted and cover all types of cash flow and property finance to fulfil any financial requirements that a business may need.