Business Advice · 25 June 2021

Effective Security Measures for Small Businesses


Safety and security are a top priority for all businesses. Safeguarding staff, merchandise and valuable equipment means being mindful of all possible threats and focusing on proactive risk mitigation.

Conducting regular risk assessments holds the key to accurately identifying threats and ensuring protocols are in place. This is something small and large businesses alike must prioritise, in order to avoid falling victim to criminal acts.

For the smaller business, ensuring adequate security coverage with limited funds available can be particularly challenging. Safeguarding small business premises therefore means considering the smarter security options available, which provides peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Where extensive investment in the most advanced security technology simply isn’t an option, the following six small business security measures can be effective:

  1. Robust Locks
Addressing vulnerabilities around the workplace can often be as simple as fitting an additional lock to a door or window. Likewise, replacing locks at the right time can help reduce the risk of unauthorised access to the business premises. All locks have a limited lifespan, which can be shortened through exposure to the elements and excessive wear and tear. Security experts therefore advise all business owners to inspect and assess the effectiveness of their door and window locks on a regular basis.

  1. A Simple CCTV System
A rudimentary CCTV system can be installed these days for a surprisingly low price. Many now feature IP technology, allowing the feed to be viewed in real-time and recorded using any connected mobile device. CCTV is one of the most effective of all deterrents, making business premises significantly less attractive as targets for criminals. The installation of just a few basic interior and exterior cameras can therefore afford a business an effective layer of protection.

  1. Monitored Alarm Installation



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