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Businesses for ladies with low investment – 7 great ideas

Business For Ladies With Low Investment

If you’re short on cash, but love the idea of setting your own hours and working under your own steam, here are 7 business ideas for women with low investment:

  1. Ebay Seller
  2. Translator
  3. Handmade Maker
  4. Freelance Writer
  5. Photographer
  6. Virtual Assistant
  7. Bookkeeper
By the time you know that you want to set up your own business, most women will have a good idea of what they’re good at, have found confidence in themselves to try new things, know what they enjoy doing, and can make the time to turn these well honed skills and natural abilities into a profit earning business.

According to the Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship commissioned by HM Treasury in 2019, 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female and although there is no perfect time to go into business, the London Business School, suggests the most entrepreneurial age group for women tends to be between 35-44 but you can flourish in business at any age with the right mindset.

Getting Started

Whether you have dreams of running a multi-million pound company or just want to turn a hobby into a side hustle to provide a cash boost to your holiday fund, every business owner has to start somewhere. So if you want to work for yourself but don’t have a lot of cash to start with, don’t let this put you off as there are plenty of low investment options for women that want to set up a business.

Low Risk, Low Cash, Ideas For Business

We’ve outlined 7 of our favourite low risk, low cash business ideas below. They all come with the benefit that they are low risk should things not work out, and require only a very small initial capital investment to get you started. What’s even better is that they can all be set up from home without the need for a fancy office, access to transport or expensive equipment.

If your skills and talents can save other people time and money then you’re onto a winner when it comes to business for ladies with low investment. Just grab your laptop, computer or phone, hone in on your natural writing, selling or creative abilities and off you go…

Just remember to register as self-employed with HMRC when you earn over £1000 a year from your venture.

Ebay Seller

Whether you’re selling your own unwanted items or have a knack of spotting hidden gems in charity shops or boot sales that can make a tidy profit, eBay selling is big business. Most smartphones these days have a good enough camera to take super sharp images and when combined with clear, genuine descriptions and excellent service reviews, you will be selling items from the comfort of your own home in no time. From broken tools, to clothes, to antiques, eBay is an inexpensive selling tool that everyone can use.

  • Cash investment: Low. A computer, laptop or phone access eBay and take photos which you will likely already have.
  • Time investment: As much or as little as you have but the more time you spend sourcing items that are in demand, and likely to sell like hot cakes, the more you stand to earn.


Can you speak two or more languages? If so, your multilingual skill set is always in demand and can earn you a nice income when you use it as the basis of your small business. Lots of companies require their brochures, websites, product specifications and more, translated into other languages but lack people with the skill set they need to help them do this within their own organisations.

Rather than pay expensive translation companies, you will often find companies looking for freelance translators on websites like Upwork and Flexjobs which can be great platforms to find and build your initial client base.

  • Cash investment: Low. Membership to flexible work sites posting translator roles sometimes command a monthly fee or a percentage of the amount you invoice clients so be sure to check out each site’s terms and conditions when signing up.
  • Time investment: As much or as little time as you have to spare. This is a great option to work a few hours a day to make cash on the side until you have built up a portfolio of clients. Always take the time to create a brilliant profile for yourself that really sells your skills and experience for the best chance of finding the work you want.

Handmade Maker

Are you an awesome artist? Can you create jewellery or masterpieces from metal? Or maybe you are handy with a sewing machine. Creative skills like these can net you a nice income and are great options for those that are looking for a side income on top of their regular jobs or to test the waters of running their own business full time.

Only marketplaces like Etsy, Folksy and of course Facebook, Amazon and Ebay are all great places to advertise your handmade products to people who really appreciate unique, one of a kind items made by talented people just like you.

  • Cash investment: Fairly low. You will need to purchase the materials and tools that you need to create your crafts and have a space dedicated to working on and storing your handmade items.
  • Time investment: Can be very high. This will entirely depend on the type of items that you make, as each sale could involve a significant amount of time to create. The time it takes should be factored into the price that you sell your creations at to ensure your business is viable.

Freelance Writer

With so many people turning to Google as their first port of call for questions, directions, recommendations and reviews, the need for talented content writers that can bring together the answers and information that internet users need, is booming.

Nearly every company now has an internet presence that requires a lot of content to be created in order for their website and social profiles to stay fresh and engaging for their customers. From product pages, blogs, how to guides, company profiles and technical specifications, if you have a flare for writing, you could turn your skillset into a profitable business from the comfort of your own home.

  • Cash investment: Very low. You only need your brain and a computer with an internet connection to put words on screen.
  • Time investment: As much or as little as you have. Writing is a great business to fit in around other commitments. The amount of time you need to be able to dedicate will depend on the amount of clients you have and the type of content that you are creating but you can always set your own hours, perfect for those super early birds or night owls looking for something productive to fill their time.


If you have the ability to capture candid moments, lovely landscapes or perfect portraits, then setting up a business as a stock photographer or freelance photographer could be just the opportunity for you.

There are plenty of stock photography sites such as Shutterstock, Pixabay and Unsplash on the look out for inspiring images from talented photographers just like you. By listing your snaps on these websites, you will usually earn royalties for every download made.

If you have the time to market your own photography skills, then you could always set up a website to showcase your talents and sell the images you take to customers directly. On top of this, you can also offer your photography skills out on an hourly or day rate to cover important milestones in people’s lives such as weddings, new births, birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events for example.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re a whizz when it comes to organising and love to get administrative tasks nailed, then building a business as a virtual assistant could be a great option for you.



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