Business Advice · 18 May 2021

5 Clever Improvements Contact Centres Implement To Improve Customer Experience

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Over the years, more businesses have shifted their focus to cater to customer experience. It became one of the driving forces in most of their plans and decisions. Because of this, the role of contact centres in businesses became even more challenging.

Based on recent statistics generated from Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, 58% of customers believe that customer service is an essential factor that shapes their decision about a brand.

The customers also go for brands with responsive customer support to reply to their inquiries and complaints on all communication channels, which means contact centres must work hard to keep up with their demands.

Today, a reliable contact centre in the uk must respond to customers’ strong clamour for an excellent customer service experience to boost the business. Here are some of the ways that they take to ensure that the demands are met.

Reduce On-Hold Times During Ongoing Calls

Eliminating the waiting time may be impossible since they need to go through certain processes to address their concerns. But contact centres are now doing everything that they can to keep the waiting time at a minimum to satisfy their customers.

Practice Dynamic Call Flow Management

Since contact centres receive plenty of calls, they need to implement an efficient system to manage the calls to prevent chaos. It is important to do the necessary measures to manage the influx of calls and escalate the ones needed to the right department.

All contact centre team members have their job designation, and it would be impossible to have a single agent to master everything in the company. The appropriate call centre software must be present to ensure that the right calls will get through the designated agents who know how to handle the customer’s needs.

Establish Emotional Connections

Today’s market is mostly composed of millennials. This generation does not exactly look for any products to consume randomly. They want the values of the product to agree with the brands that they usually shop from. The millennials want to get the most value for their money. They also want to feel an emotional connection with the brand where they will invest in. In short, the customer experience has become intertwined with consumer behaviour.

Contact centre agents help businesses achieve this by making customers feel like they are important. The agents can share short stories to help the customers relate to the brand. They can also exert some efforts by understanding the customers’ needs. It will make the customers develop emotional connections with the businesses where they put their money.

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