Expert: Joanna Rawbone

Jo discovered she was an introvert when she completed a Myers Briggs questionnaire in 1989. She’d always known that she was different from a lot of her peers, friends and family and now she knew why; she wasn’t weird, she was wired differently. Whilst is knowledge enhanced her self-awareness, it didn’t give her the tools to manage being an introvert in a world that is largely biased towards extraverts. Over more than 3 decades working as a trainer and consultant with thousands of international clients, Joanna saw daily just how problematic this bias can be within organisations: undermining employee engagement, retention and productivity as well as impairing the physical and mental health and well-being of employees. Thus began a mission: to champion the cause of introverts and promote positive action to address the ‘extraversion bias’. A mission that recently took her to the TEDx stage. Jo founded Flourishing Introverts to shift this extraversion bias in business by using a simple but robust approach, and to enable individuals to recognise their natural strengths so they can fulfil their potential without pretending to be something they are not. This starts with enabling introverts to identify and own their strengths, something Joanna does in her group coaching programmes and 1:1 with clients. With her clear purpose and unshakable passion, she works with companies and organisations to help them recognise and encourage the contribution introverts can make to their business. This is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in action.

Articles by Joanna Rawbone