Expert: Georg Roth

Georg is a co-founder and director at Sciony Limited, an integrated innovation ecosystem which connects inventors, investors and service partners on a single collaborative platform. He is a digitalisation expert and business manager with 20+ years? experience in aerospace, healthcare and discrete industries. Georg is specialised in technical data management, business setup, enterprise governance and operational leadership and is experienced in defining, transforming and implementing organisational structures, processes and IT solutions adapted to the needs of global and digital business models. He holds a masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Stuttgart

Articles by Georg Roth

Lightbulb moments don't always take-off

10 Pitfalls Inventors Face and How to Avoid Them

Not every great idea makes it to the world stage. It could be outpaced by competitive solutions, not utilised to best advantage or even never get off the ground in the first place. Georg Roth, co-founder and director at Sciony Limited, sums up the 10 most common pitfalls inventors face. more»